Austral Door Closer

PT-C05 N/A


PT-051 N/A

Plastic J.Bead

PT-K05 Jasper & woodland Grey

Touch-Up Paint

PT-P04 All Colours

Sliding Door Wheel (Spring)

PT-W07 N/A

Skirting Seal (Wool Pile)

PT-B11 11mm Black

Swivel Clips

PT-K13 N/A


PT-K14 N/A

Plastic Plunger Pin

PT-K16 N/A

Metal Plunger Pin

PT-K17 N/A

Rubber Wedge

PT-K18 Per Meter

Patio Bolt

PT-K24 N/A

4-3 Blind Rivet Plain Truss Head
PT-060 (1/8x5/16) (1000 Per Pack)

5-4 Snap Rivet Counter Sunk Head
PT-061 (1000 Per Pack)

5-4 Snap Blind Rivet

PT-062 (5/32x3/8) (1000 Per Pack)

5/32 Jobber Drill Single

PT-063 (10 Per Pack)

5/32 Jobber Drill Double

PT-064 (10 Per Pack)

1/8 Single Point Panel Drill

PT-065 (10 Per Pack)

1/8 Double Twin Point Panel Drill
PT-066 (10 Per Pack)

Storage Trolleys


Guide Buttons

PT-K19 N/A

Spline Rollers Components
PT-K20 Handle

Brass Handles

- N/A

Plasterboard Screw
(Bugle Head Phillips Recess)
PT-K25 (6x20mm)
1000 Per Pack

Screw and Caps
(For stainless Steel and Galvanized Wedge)

PT-K26 300 Per Pack